This is a great topic of conversation Noah! And there are a lot of suggestions for what a person can do to mitigate burn out.

I struggled with burn out for years and have learned over time to set better boundaries and say the dreaded word No sometimes. As a tech leader this is something I will alway have to manage as our jobs are very intense.

That said I would still be battling it if my husband hadn't stepped up. He also works in tech as a devops developer. Eight years ago he took over making all the meals for our family. I didn't ask him, he just did it. He started working a 90% week so he would have an extra day every 2 weeks to get things done for our family.

His sacrifice for our family has meant that I was able to create and run Code Like A Girl for 3 years. Without it we wouldn't have this publication.

In 2018 it was my turn to sacrifice for the family. He was dealing with some health issues and I needed to focus on family and my Job so the wonderful Olivia Mischianti Look took over Code Like A Girl.

My parents have also been a huge help for my family and in 2018 my Dad started doing our groceries for us. We of course pay for them, but this one thing he does for us each week helps us tremendously.

What I want to stress here is that one person alone cannot beat burnout easily. It can be done, but it is hard. The true path to beating burnout is to lean on others and let them help. You can then do it for them when they need it.

VP of R&D at Arctic Wolf Networks - I write about Women In Tech, Cyber Security, and my journey recovering from an eating disorder.

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