Revlon Super Lustrous Iced Amethyst

How I stood in solidarity with my grandma in her fight against Alzheimer's

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My grandmother loves Revlon Super Lustrous Iced Amethyst #625. It has been her lipstick for years, though I only recently found this out. The funny part is that when I think about it, I can't remember her without it on. She is and was a beautiful lady and that lipstick makes her feel pretty.

I have very distinct memories of my grandmother growing up. They are often of her in the kitchen making her famous buns or baking other yummy treats for us to eat. When I was old enough she taught me how to make all her specialties. My favourite part about it was the stories she told me while we baked. How her family came to Canada, what it was like growing up on the farm, how she met my Grandpa, and much more.

My Grandmother started showing signs of Alzheimer’s a few years ago and in the last six months she has been dramatically declining. I live far away from her and saw her last almost 2 years ago. I am glad I saw her when she still remembered who I was.

This past week I was photographed for the #distractinglysexist exhibition that will be shown at the Wilfrid Laurier Library. It is a play off of the #distractinglysexy movement on twitter that happened this spring.

My grandmother was recently moved into a facility where they will be able to take care of her. The day before the shoot my mom told me that she still carries around her lipstick.

She puts it on, smiles, and asks how she looks. It delights her to do this.

The staff knows this is important to her and helps her keep track of the lipstick.

I went out at 9pm the night before the shoot and had to visit two different stores before I found Revlon Super Lustrous Iced Amethyst #625. The next day I wore the lipstick at the shoot.

I wore it to support my grandma and to feel close to her.

I love you Grandma

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