I Listened and I am Grateful

I Love your story Tovit Neizer.

I love the history and the stories of my grandparents. Each one has a different but important story to tell and I have learned so much from each one.

I am glad for the afternoons in the summer I spent chatting with my Opa about what the war in Holland was like. I lost him 16 years ago and still miss him. Knowing his stories helps keep him close to me.

I am grateful for mornings I spent baking buns and other traditional mennonite recipes with my Grandmother. Those recipes only lived in her head. I learned how she knew when to stop adding flour as the dough was the right consistency, the trick to make them taste so good, and all about her earlier life. While baking she told me her stories. I will always be grateful she told me her secrets and I shared that time with her. She has Alzheimer's now and when I see her I tell her about our time together.

I am glad I got to know my Grandfather and will always remember how he squeezed my cheeks when I was young. I love watching him light up when he sees his great grandchildren.

I am extremely fortunate to still have my Oma. She is 95, lives with my parents, and does crossfit! I spent all the summers of my life until I was 19 with my Opa and her. Because of that I got extremely close to both of them. My Oma has always been trying new things. She is an extremely creative person and has won many Quilt shows, has made us all beautiful blankets, Cross Stitch hangings, and the warmest socks you can imagine. In her 90s I introduced her to Audio books, adult colouring, and my personal trainer. She has read 100’s of books, done beautiful colouring, and got up off the floor by herself for the first time in 20 years. I am still listening to her stories and will do as long as I can.

My Oma with our Personal Trainer

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VP of R&D at Arctic Wolf Networks - I write about Women In Tech, Cyber Security, and my journey recovering from an eating disorder.

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