I am totally ok with kids wearing shirts saying Tough Like Daddy or Smart Like Daddy. The point is you can buy those already in the boys section of many stores. They are not that hard to find.

Boys clothing tends to center around constructions, being tough, super heros, and science.

Girls clothing tends to center around kindness, fashion, beauty, arts, and is often sexualized at a very young age.

What these shops are trying to do is provide clothes for girls that center around they typical boy themes. Being strong, tough, into construction and science.

For boys they are trying to provide clothes that allows them to exhibit emotions. Perhaps the Feminist Like Daddy shirt did not exemplify that.

What it is trying to do is break the stereo types. That it is ok to think of Daddy as Caring and loving and Mommy as tough and smart. These aren’t usually the messages sent to children from their clothes.

The pi is for little girls, however that store also has women’s clothing so it might be there too.

Thanks for your response.

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VP of R&D at Arctic Wolf Networks - I write about Women In Tech, Cyber Security, and my journey recovering from an eating disorder.

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