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#GivingTuesday — Help Syrian Refugees

It is Giving Tuesday today and my amazing sister Pamela Fellbaum is part of a group that is sponsoring a Syrian Family. The family will settle in Waterloo Region in Canada.

Did you know that for each of the 25000 refugees Canada is sponsoring there needs to be a community group that raises enough money (around $30,000) for the family to live on for a year. It doesn’t stop there. The people sponsoring the family are responsible for them for a year. This means finding them a place to live, schools for kids, jobs, showing them how to shop, introducing them to canadian culture, and the list goes on and on. I am so grateful for the people giving their time, money, and energy to do this.

So how can you help today? You can give money to the group of people my sister is working with to bring a family over.

You can find out more about how sponsoring a family works and how you can help here on the MCC website.

There are many other organizations across Canada doing the same thing. This just happens to be the ones I know about.

You can follow the efforts of the Westheights group here:

Please consider supporting this effort!

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