Darin White I wouldn’t expect anything less from you. Thank you so much for digging into this issue and giving us a better view of the facts.

I have spoken to friends in Laurelwood about their thoughts and I drove by the location in question to get a better idea of where it sat in their community. This is a property on the very busy Erbsville road. Arguments that it would be a noise concern just doesn’t hold water for me.

I have friend who is very opposed to it based on traffic issues. That person drives up erbsville road every day. It is in an awkward spot on a slight corner that is very busy. I do believe that is a valid concern. However, I believe we have competent city officials and if their assessment is that the added traffic is safe then I would have to agree with them.

Our city is getting bigger and more busy. All streets are busier than they were 10 years ago. This is simply part of progress that we need to deal with. I have lived with varying levels of traffic on erbsville road with all the commercial development in the last 10 years and I have never seen this much opposition to adding more to erbsville road. Have I complained about traffic? Yes. Did I oppose the new Costco? No.

I have been vocal on social media about this issue. I have focused my comments on awareness. I posted my thoughts on facebook a few weeks ago. My post helped one of my Laurelwood friends discover this issue and as a result she got herself informed.

My Facebook post on the issue a few weeks ago.

My main concern is that the muslim prayer group is treated exactly the same way that a church, synagog, store, or retirement home would be treated in the neighbourhood. The problem is, racism is sneaky, and can be camouflaged as many other things. This is exactly why we need people like you Darin White who help others see the facts of the situation. I hope that our government officials will make a fact based decision, one that is not swayed by racism.

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