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I wrote my post just over two years ago in october of 2013. I saw medium as a way to advocate and empower girls to get involved STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics). I never imagined that post would get over 300 views, that I would write over 22 posts and counting, and that I would have the over 1000 followers I have today.

What started as a way to advocate and empower girls in STEM has become the way I talk about what matters to me and what I hope will strike a chord with others. I have not had any of my posts go viral, but I have been pleased to see some of them read by hundreds of people(, , , ). Some are only read by a handful of people(, , ). Either way the fact that people want to read what I write makes me happy. It validates that what I have to say has value.

I write for two reasons:

First, I feel like I have something to say that must be expressed. I need to, I must write about it. It feels good for my soul to share it with others.

Second, I believe it has value to others. I hope that each person that reads what I have written finds value in it. Whether it makes them think differently about themselves, how they interact with others, how they treat women in technology, or what they teach their children. At the very least I hope they connect with it in some way that makes them smile and helps them know they are not alone.

To the 1000+ people that now follow me and all those who have taken time out of their day to read my posts:


I hope I am able to continue to write content you will enjoy!

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VP of R&D at Arctic Wolf Networks - I write about Women In Tech, Cyber Security, and my journey recovering from an eating disorder.

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